How does it work?

At Play Up!, you’ll be able to play a wide range of board games. “Bring your own board game (BYOB)” is encouraged, but not required. Our hosts will have multiple games from their own collection, and other guests are welcome to bring games to share. If you have a specific title you’d like to play, feel free to bring it along and join in the fun.

If you have any specific requests or suggestions for games you would like to play, you can post them on our Meetup page. We can’t promise that we will have all the games you want to play, but we will try to have them available for the next Play Up!

Which games?

At Play Up! we specialize in modern board games that serve a variety of tastes and skill levels. You’ll find a mix of cooperative games, social deduction games, strategic games, and party games. 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Root, Scythe, Wingspan, Dixit, and many more. If these types of games are new to you, don’t worry! Our friendly and knowledgeable hosts will be happy to explain the rules and guide you through the gameplay.

Join us for an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience.

Games we don't play

The games typically not played at Play Up! include:

– Traditional games such as Chess, Poker, Mah-jong, Bridge, etc.

– Classic games such as Clue, Monopoly, or Scrabble.

– Collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering.

– Role-playing games such as D&D

– Video games.

We hope to welcome you soon at Play Up!